What is Hydraulic Pallet Truck?


What is Pallet Truck?

The pallet truck is used to lift and move the pallet, which can improve work efficiency. Pallet truck divided into hydraulic and electric. Hydraulic pallet trucks raise and down the fork by pump-cylinder, then move it by manpower or electric. There are two kinds of hydraulic pallet truck: manual type and semi-automatic type.


Manual type

Compared with semi-automatic type, manual type has heavier load capacity and used to carrying goods in short distance. Hydraulic pallet trucks raise and down the fork by pump-cylinder, and move it by manpower.


Semi-automatic type

Raise and down the fork by pump-cylinder, and move it by electric.


The differences between manual type and semi-automatic type

Load Capacity
2000-3000 kg
1800 kg
Lifting Method
Moving Method

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Some details about hydraulic pallet truck

Daily Maintenance:

  1. Check the wheels can be rotated or not or by stucking stuff.
    → Pulling the pallet truck while the wheels can’t be rotated, the wheels might be grinded flat easily and cannot move it normally.

  2. Check whether there is some oil outside the pump-cylinder.
    → In normal situation, there won’t be any oil outside the pump-cylinder. If there is, contact the technical staff as soon as possible, it might be spoiling oil.

  3. Raise the fork a little bit up while moving.

  4. Check whether the wheels are flat frequently to avoid damaging the fork by long-term using.

  5. Spray lubricating oil on the hydraulic cylinder and handle once a week.


  • Fork can’t be raised

  1. There might be something stuck in the pump-cylinder, need to find the technical staff to clean it.

  2. Because of the broken pump-cylinder, need to replace to a new one.


HO CASTER is known for its high quality casters. In 2018, we achieved mutual collaboration with Japanese corporation SUGIYASU, obtaining the authority of an agency and introducing imported pallet trucks manufactured in Japan to develop a more expansive logistics market. Hope our customers can enjoy the Japanese-made high quality hydraulic pallet truck with the lowest price.