How to select pallet truck?


How to select pallet truck?

There are many kinds of pallet truck, but how to choose a suitable one? When people selecting pallet truck, there are some names that might confused. The followings as below are some descriptions.:


The descriptions of the names:

Load Capacity

The heaviest weight that pallet truck is capable load. (General used: 1.5 tons, 2 tons, 2.5 tons and 3 tons)


The size of pallet truck is slightly different because of the different specifications of each brand. Here are some command pallet truck sizes: Fork Width(Outer): 520mm、550mm、685mm. Fork Length: 810mm、1070mm、1220mm.


Lifting height of pallet fork. The min. height must lower than the pallet.

Low Profile

The min. and max. height of low-profile type are lower than standard type, but the price is a little bit higher than standard type.


Some details need to be noticed


Total weight has better not heavier than the capacity of pallet truck. It will make hydraulic cylinder not easy to broken and more durable.

The size of pallet truck

Most of the size of pallet truck will cooperate with the pallet. Outer width of pallet truck needs to be smaller than width of pallet to entry. It is better that the length of pallet truck longer than pallet, so that it will be easy to move.

Lifting height

The max. lifting height must lower than pallet to entry.

Single wheel or Dual wheels

Usually the front wheel of the pallet truck is a single wheel as standard. It can be changed to dual wheels. The capacity of dual wheels is a little higher than single wheel. However, some pallets are not applicable in dual wheels. Single wheel is usually be used in single-decked pallet. It is more suitable that use dual wheels in double-decked one.


The standard of the pallet truck is single wheel, PU wheel and without brake mostly. You can install brake or change PU wheel into nylon wheel if needed. Also, it can be used at -15°C if using the special oil for cold areas.


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