Bishamon - 2 Ton Capacity Pallet Truck

The frame uses high-tensile steel, which is better than normal steel.
Reciprocating pump-cylinder and using the U-shaped gaskets at the important sealing parts.
PU Wheels with Aluminum Core can reduce the starting force during stretching.
Easy operating plastic handle; Three-stage controller.
The exterior is coated with lead-free paint, which is environment friendly. It can be used at -15°C if using the special oil for cold areas.


Pallet Truck - Bishamon. It can load 2 tons. The load requirement is closer to the general light-use pallets and goods, which makes it easier to carry and improves efficiency.


  Model Capacity (Kgs.) Fork Width (mm) Fork Length (mm) Height (mm)
A1 (Outer) A2 (Inner) B D1 (Min.) D2 (Max.)
2 Ton capacity BM-20M 2,000 520 214 1,070 80 200
BM-20LL 685 379 1,220