Four advantages of Hydraulic Pallet Truck


What is Pallet Truck?

The pallet truck is used to lift and move the pallet, which can improve work efficiency. Pallet truck is divided into hydraulic and electric. Hydraulic pallet trucks raise and down the fork by pump-cylinder, then move it by manpower or electric.
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We can see hydraulic pallet truck everywhere in our daily. There are four advantages of hydraulic pallet truck as below:

  • Improve working efficiency

    People carry goods one by one before pallet truck was developed. It was laborious and wasting time. After the invention of the pallet truck, people just pull the pallet truck which many goods on it. It’s not only labor-saving but also improves the efficiency. 

  • Economical

    The first impression of carrying heavy goods is forklift car. However, it is expensive and only the person who gets the certificate can drive it. In contrast, pallet truck is much cheaper and everyone can use it. Using pallet truck doesn’t need any professional certificate. If the goods is about 2-3 tons and short-distance, pallet truck will be the best choice. 

  • Easy operating

    Pallet truck is easy to operate, all the operations are on the plastic handle. All you need to do is raise the fork and pull it. Because of the easy operating, you can use the pallet truck without certificate. 

  • Durable

    In fact, pallet truck is not easy to broken under normal using. Mention some details in daily life, such as checking the wheels can be rotated or not or get stuck or there is some oil outside the pump-cylinder. Maintain: spraying lubricating oil on the hydraulic cylinder and handle once a week and etc. can makes pallet truck more durable. 



There are various pallet trucks on the market, however, it better shop around. HO CASTER achieved mutual collaboration with Japanese corporation SUGIYASU, obtaining the authority of an agency and introducing imported pallet trucks manufactured in Japan. We hope our customers can enjoy the Japanese-made high quality with the lowest price.