What is Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)?


With the process of the time and technology, there are more and more logistic equipments appear. Such as, trolleys, dollies, mobile lift tables and etc., all of them are moved by wheels.
Different wheel materials have different features. The followings as below are the introduction of TPR.


What is TPR? What is difference between TPR and Rubber?

TPR is a kind of thermoplastic elastomers. The hardness usually is about 80-85° Shore A.
TPR material can be used in the direct injection process with a shorter working time and higher efficiency, compare to other wheel materials, producing TPR is easier and more suitable.
So the range of application is quite extensive. However, the load capability and durability are worse than rubber. Instead, it is an affordable price.
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The features of TPR


Usually, the hardness is about 80-85° Shore A. It’s softer than Nylon and PU, so TPR is quiet and shock absorbing.

Good chemical resistance

TPR is a material with both rubber and plastic characteristics. Because of the molecular structure, TPR has good resistance of chemicals, acids, alcohol and water, and second only to Nylon, PU.


Due to the rise of environmental awareness, HO CASTER takes corporate responsibility. Most of TPR wheels are made by ourselves, non-toxic and environmental friendly. Only few size of TPR wheels need to produce by MOQ.

Application of TPR wheel

The features are having good wear, resistance, shock absorbing, and quiet rolling to protect the floor. Resistant to cleaning chemicals, acids, alcohol, and water, TPR wheels are an excellent choice for wash-down applications, such as medical equipment, laboratory and office.
However, the TPR wheels use for hospital beds need specific certificate which we don’t have at present.

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The range of TPR wheels is quite extensive. It can be used for whether dollies or instruments.
Customers always ask,“Which wheels are the most durable?” when quote. In fact, there are hundreds of wheel materials, there is no most durable casters but most suitable casters.
We always suggest the most suitable, best products according to the requirement and floor conditions.
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