Introduction of trolleys


Thousands of trolleys are sold in the market, and they are different from functions, appearance and wheels. The followings are some common trolleys/carts.


Light Trolley

The features are foldable, light and easy to carry. It usually be used for daily house using.



Compared to traditional type, some of them add few functions. Such as, multi-stage controller, combination with baby car seat and last but not least, easy to close up.


Shopping Cart

We can see the shopping cart in every hypermarket. Some of them will be installed baby seat, so parents are able to take care of their children easily.


Industrial Carts

There are dollies and trolleys. According to material of platform, it divided into steel, plastic and stainless steel. Some of trolleys are foldable which are easy to carry.
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Comparison of trolleys

Light Trolley
Shopping Cart
Industrial Carts
Light, Easy to carry
Easy to carry
Only can see in hypermarket
High load capacity
Daily using
Only for baby
Only for shopping
Factory, Logistics

Tips of choosing a durable trolley!

1. Function

Understand the needs first, according to trolley functions, choose the one meet your expectation. Such as, choose an industrial carts if high load capacity is necessary.

2. Wheel

The quality and material of trolley wheel can affect the comfort of pushing. For example, use the wheel which is high elasticity and wear resistances on perambulator. And if the using environment is moist, stainless steel is the best choice.

3. Platform

The good and strong platforms of trolleys have long-term using. Choose a thick platform to have high load capacity. Use stainless steel caster in the harsh environment which has higher corrosion resistance.



HO CASTER has more than 40 years of manufacturing casters experiences. We keep developing and designing, and started selling foldable trolley in 2003 which is easy moving and durable.
For being the stable and reliable supplier of trolleys or casters, we will continue developing more high-standard logistic solutions.
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