Professional &Technical Products


Turbine Core 

  Most of the traditional wheel core has reinforcement bars on both sides or is the non-reinforcing bars types, with which the stress will lie in the cross-section between the outer and inner rims or in the reinforcement bars. The new wheel core adopts the turbine encircling design. The outer and inner rims are connected with six equal beveled sections, which are then perpendicularly connected to the surfaces of both rims. After repeated connections, a turbine core is formed.
  The external force will be evenly distributed in the six beveled sections. It will not only enhance the strength of core and structure but improve the impact strength. Besides, Turbine design forms a specific wind-collection nest which will produce power when moving and it offers the better rollability

  1. The stress spreads more evenly.
  2. Stronger structure and support.
  3. Reduces windage and enhances smoothness when moving.
  4. Better aesthetic appearance.

  • 8 inch Elastic Rubber Casters(A82 series)

Aluminum Core 

Compared with the traditional cast iron core, aluminum core is more light weight and not easily rust. Also, aluminum core has the features of high load capacity and impact strength which known as cast iron. Through the research and development, no matter combined with PU or elastic rubber, all can improve the stability of caster.

  1. Light weight.
  2. Stronger structure and high load capacity.
  3. Not easy to be rusted.

  • 4-8 inch, PU and Elastic Rubber Casters

Stainless Steel Caster 

Stainless Caster is designed to handle the harsh environment and it provides the higher corrosion resistance. Casters made of #304stainless steel are ideal for applications requiring frequent washing or long-term exposure to corrosive elements. Adopting the integrally formed fork through high-speed stamping process, it strengthens the structure to not easily being broken and deformed.

  1. Excellent Corrosion-Resistant.
  2. High Environmental confrontation.
  3. High-Strength Structure.

Phenolic Wheel 

Traditional phenolic wheels are produced by thermoplastic process and more brittle and wear easily. Ho Caster invented a new material that be added the fibber and unique formula and also use the thermosetting process. The new phenolic wheels is more stronger, less brittle, high wear-resistant and resistant to extreme temperatures (-20~220℃).

  1. Excellent in resistant wear and extreme temperatures.
  2. Hard and make movement easier.
  3. Resistant to oils, greases and some liquids.

  • 2.5-4 inch Phenolic Casters