Wheel Material of Trolley


Wheel Material of Trolley

Trolley is common in our daily life, such as shopping cart, baby cart, industrial cart and dolly. All the stuffs that carry by wheels can be called Trolley. And wheel material is one of the most important points to select a suitable trolley. The followings as below are some introductions of industrial carts and wheel materials.


Type of trolley


It can be divided into high-impact plastic, steel and stainless steel. Usually, 3 inch casters are in common use.
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There are steel trolley, steel trolley with plastic platform and stainless steel trolley. In order to enhance the working efficiency, people design foldable trolley whose handle bar can fold 90°.
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Hydraulic Lift Table

Hydraulic Lift Table minimize lifting, reaching and stretching by allowing workers to easily move and position loads. They are designed with improved ergonomics, rugged construction, and high quality materials for excellent performance.
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Some common wheel materials

Elastic Rubber

65° Shore A. It has the features of high elasticity, excellent load capacity, great wear resistance, and other resistance capacities making it suitable for use in environments that need a buffer. But not recommended used in any oily and watery place.


Nylon is light in weight and excellent resistances against moisture, wear, and corrosion. Because of its inelasticity, it is easy to make sounds when moving on the rough ground. After long-term using, the surface is prone to potholes which make it hard to move.


80-85° Shore A. TPR is a kind of thermoplastic elastomers. The features are having good wear, resistance, shock absorbing, and quiet rolling to protect the floor. Resistant to cleaning chemicals, acids, alcohol, and water. However, it is not recommended used in rugged floor and any oily place.
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Some tips of selecting trolley wheels

1. Making sure the floor conditions is first step to choose wheels. Different wheel materials are used in different environments. For example, food factory and clean room are suitable for stainless steel nylon caster;PU and rubber wheel have the better performance on asphalt road;office or lab suggest TPR wheel.

Floor Condition
Food Factory, Clean Room
Asphalt Road
Office, Lab
Wheel Material
Stainless steel nylon caster
PU and rubber wheel
TPR wheel

2. Second step is checking the load capacity. Generally, trolley wheels are 4-6 inch, dolly wheels are 3 inch. The bigger the wheel size, the higher the distance (to the floor). If the item stack too high, it is easy to fall down when shaking.
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Moving heavy duty goods by big wheel is much easier by and large. But it is not necessary to use big wheel, because the bigger the wheel, the higher the price. Confirm your needs to get a suitable trolley with a lower price. HO CASTER provides various of wheel sizes and materials to satisfy more requirements.
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