300-800 kg Electronic-Hydraulic Lift Table (Single Scissor)

Removable button controller on the handlebar.
Ergonomic handle with safety net design.
Easy to operate on/off switch with safety button.
Green → yellow → red indicator can determine the battery level quickly.
Adjustable descent valve to control the descent speed.
Detachable 24V charger.


Bishamon Electronic-Hydraulic Lift Table (Single Scissor) minimize lifting, reaching and stretching by allowing workers to easily move and position loads. They are designed with improved ergonomics, rugged construction, and high quality materials for excellent performance.


Model Capacity (kg) Platform (mm) Height (mm) OVERALL Size (mm) Travel (mm) Lifting Time Power (DC24VKW) Caster Weight (kg)
Length x Width  Max.(A) Min.(B) F x W x H
HO-BX30B 300 815x500 860 290 1,060x500x880 570 10 Sec 0.55 100 mm 106
HO-BX50B 500 1,010x520 1,018 438 1,270x520x950 580 10 Sec 0.55 150 mm 157
HO-BX80B 800 1,010x520 970 438 1,255x520x950 532 12 Sec 2 150 mm 160

  • Wheel materials can be changed by environmental requirements.
  • Product color is only for reference.
  • Platform can customize.