150-500 kg Mobile Hydraulic Lift Table (Double Scissors)

Ergonomic push handle with convenient lowering control.
Lowering control automatically stops when released for added safety.
Superior hydraulic systems feature an integrated pump-cylinder for maximum reliability.
The exterior is powder coated;Features: Long-lasting performance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, etc.
HO CASTER Series caster solution;TPR、Rubber PU with high durability, easy moving.


Bishamon Hydraulic Lift Table (Double Scissors) minimize lifting, reaching and stretching by allowing workers to easily move and position loads. They are designed with improved ergonomics, rugged construction, and high quality materials for excellent performance.


Model Capacity (kg) Platform (mm) Height (mm) OVERALL Size (mm) PUMPS TO  Max. Height Caster SET Weight (kg)
Length x Width Max.(A) Min.(B) F x W x H Wheel Size Material
HO-BX-15W 150 815x500 1,350 380 1,000x500x900 29 times 100x25 mm TPR 92
HO-BX-30SW 300 815x500 1,350 380 1,000x500x900 30次 100x32 mm Rubber 115
HO-BX-30W 300 1,010x520 1,600 433 1,270x520x960 65 times 150x38 mm PU (Polyurethane) 138
HO-BX-50SW 500 650x460 1,020 418 944x460x939 70 times 125x38 mm PU (Polyurethane) 102
HO-BX-50W 500 1,010x520 1,600 433 1,270x520x960 90 times 150x38 mm PU (Polyurethane) 151

  • Wheel materials can be changed by environmental requirements.
  • Product color is only for reference.
  • Platform can customize.