Post: 2020-06-17 / Update: 2020-07-07


HO CASTER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, will exhibit the comprehensive caster, trolley, wheels for AGV and Stacker solution on 2020 TAICHUNG INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION between 7/22th to 7/26th.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, in order to maintain the health and safety of visitors, please cooperate with government policies and recommendations.


Industrial Automation is one of important machinery export trade in Taiwan. The geographical advantages of many industrial parks and closely connected industrial supply chains have brought infinite business opportunities to the central area. Combined with active promotion of industrial transformation and upgrade and establishment of precise machinery park by the government, the central area has moved toward a new development of integrated traditional and high-tech manufacturing industry. Therefore, it also pays more attention to major storage and handling equipment.


In recent years, our company has been continuously researching and innovating for machine tools and equipment, hardware parts, storage and handling equipment, AGV unmanned vehicles, etc. in various industries to make work more efficient, durable, labor-saving and in line with modern industrial trends.


More than that, HO CASTER has well and deep cooperation with Bishamon, biggest logistics solution manufacturer in Japan, also understand their pallet truck, lift table and other logistic equipment are in best quality. 

In response to the increasing demand of logistics handling equipment, we start to provide the most labor-saving and most durable logistics handling solutions to Taiwan manufacturer in 2018.


Ø   Stainless Steel Series -- Against harsh environment

Ø   Phenolic Wheels – Temperature resistance, 200゚C

Ø   Bishamon Pallet Truck – Lowest start force/ Easy moving/ High Tensile Steel

Ø   Bishamon Mobile Lift Table – Hand Lever Lowing control/ Convenient Foot Lever Pump

Ø   PU, Rubber with Aluminum Core – Easy Moving and High Load Capacity

Ø   AGV Wheel -- In response to logistics trends, customize the suitable wheels for different type of AGV and also provide professional advices


HO CASTER sincerely invites you to visit us at 3060 stall and share the largest intelligent machine event in Taiwan.

(Greater Taichung International Expo Center, 3060 stall)