2019 HO CASTER - [NEW] 200x50 mm PU Caster Wheel with Aluminum Rim

Post: 2019-02-20 / Update: 2019-07-26


In view of the wider applications of polyurethane wheels are in the market, HO CASTER designs the new polyurethane casters, casting PU with aluminum rim. 

Also, with the unique curve of tread, our polyurethane caster wheels are easier moving and not easy to be rusted.

Compared with traditional Cast Iron Core, PU with Aluminum Core has the following features:

◆Light Weight - High Strength-to-Weight Ratio ◆Resistance to wear ◆Oil Resistance

◆Hydrolysis resistance ◆Not easily be rusted ◆Heavy load capacity ◆Floor protection ◆Low noise

For more information, please contact HO CASTER. 

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