2018 - NEW Small Stainless Steel Caster (Phenolic/ Nylon)

Post: 2018-10-19 / Update: 2018-12-18

[HO CASTER] 75x50 mm Stainless Steel Nylon and Phenolic Caster - 複製.png

Load Capacity: 250 kgs (550 lbs)
HO CASTER’s line of stainless steel casters are specially formulated for the harshest environment.
This series is for small application below 1200 kgs (4 casters).
Wheel Options:
Phenolic - Roll them in blistering temperature environments.
Nylon – High wear resistance. Roll smoothly and Anti water/ moisture/ chemical.
Need help choosing the right caster, please ask
Industries & Applications

◆  Food   manufacturing                  ◆   Coating/ Finishing Systems

◆ Pharmaceutical                            ◆ Research Labs/ Clean rooms

◆ Bakery                                               ◆Autoclaves/ Heat Treating