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2.5 inch Adjustabel Nylon Caster

  • Wheel: High grade of nylon wheel, which is injection molding, with the features of wear, moisture, corrosion resistance and high load capacity.
  • Fork: Pressed steel and integrally formed to be stronger and more durable. Chrome plated.
  • Leveling Feet: Zinc Plated. Spacer is made of grease resistance rubber which is anti-slippery, shock absorbing and can adjust the level.
  • Bearing: Plain and sleeve bearing- strengthen the protection between the axis and hub. (Option)
  • Bearing: Roller Bearing- increases the load capacity. (Option)
  • Bearing: Double ball bearings- #6201, improve the rollability. (Option)

Part NumberA2520T-01A2520T-02A2520T-03
TypeAdjustable CasterAdjustable CasterAdjustable Caster
Wheel MaterialNylonNylonNylon
Wheel Diameter(G) x Width2½x2 inch (62x50 mm)2½x2 inch (62x50 mm)2½x2 inch (62x50 mm)
Height(H)92/104 mm92/104 mm92/104 mm
Load Capacity300 kg300 kg300 kg
Bolt Hole   Center(AxB)95x95 mm95x95 mm95x95 mm
Plate Size(DxE)120x120 mm120x120 mm120x120 mm
Bolt Hole(P)Φ11Φ11Φ11
BearingPlain and Sleeve BearingRoller Bearing#6201 Double Ball Bearings
Fork StructurePressed Steel;Chrome PlatedPressed Steel;Chrome PlatedPressed Steel;Chrome Plated
Eccentricity28 mm28 mm28 mm
Wheel Core1.2 kg1.22 kg1.2 kg
Leveling Feet Spec. 1/2x 50 mm/ Zinc Plated 1/2x 50 mm/ Zinc Plated 1/2x 50 mm/ Zinc Plated

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